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All grades available upon request.
Note: This is not a full product listing of our Inventory. For special orders please contact a sales representative in your area.
Printer Freindly Version Product Color Code Chart
Aluminum Bar Stock
Product Color Code
2011 Brown brown
2024 Red red
6061 Blue blue
6063 Yellow yellow
7075 Black black
Carbon Steel
Product Color Code
1018 White white
10L18 Green/Red green red
1045 Red red
1117 Purple
11L17 Purple with Black Stripe purple with black stripe
1141 Aluminum/Red Stripe aluminum with red stripe
1144 Stressproof Green green
12L14 Gold gold
12L14 Tell Blue blue
1215 Orange orange
Fatigue Proof Black black
1018 Flat
Product Color Code
1/16" Orange orange
1/8" Green green
1/4" Blue blue
1/2" Yellow yellow
1" Pink pink
1026 Tube
Product Color Code
1/16" Orange orange
1/8" Green green
1/4" Blue blue
1/2" Yellow yellow
1" Pink pink
Alloy Bar & Tubing
Product Color Code
8620 Green/White green/white
86L20 Green/White with Black Stripe green/white with black stripe
4130 HT P110 Red/Orange red/orange
4130 HT L80 Green/Pink green/pink
4130 HT SQ Pink/Black pink/black
4130 HR As Rolled Black/White black/white
4130 Norm Black/White with Pink Stripe black/white with pink stripe
4130 HR NQ&T Red/Black with Pink Stripe red/black with pink stripe
4130 HR HT ES150 (KS) Red/Purple red/purple
4130 HR HT ES255 (KS) Blue/Red blue/red
4130 HR HT ES220 (KS) Red/Green red/green
4130 HR HT ES300 (KS) Red/Silver red/silver
ETD-150 Brown/Yellow brown/yellow
4140 HT P110 Blue/White blue/white
4140 HT L-80 Black/Yellow black/yellow
4140 ANN Red/White red/white
4140 As Rolled Blue/Green blue/green
41L42 HT Brown/Blue brown/blue
41L40 ANN Brown/Red brown/red
4145 HR Red/White/Blue red/white/blue
4150 HR Blue/Yellow blue/yellow
4340 HT Yellow/White yellow/white
4340 ANN Orange/White orange/white
4620 ANN Yellow Green yellow/green
AR-400 Red/Yellow red/yellow
Carbon Steel
Product Color Code
303 Yellow yellow
304 Red red
316 Pink pink
410 Black black
410 QTD Black with White Stripe black with white stripe
416 Brown brown
416 QTD Brown with White Stripe brown with white stripe
420M Gold/White gold/white
440C Purple/Yellow purple/yellow
17-4 H1025 Silver/Orange silver/orange
17-4 H1075 Silver/Blue silver/blue
17-4 H1150 Brown/Black brown/black
17-4 H1075M Blue/Black blue/black
17-4 HH1150 Silver/Black silver/black
Duplex 2205 Blue with Purple Stripe blue with purple stripe
K500 Purple/White purple/white
R405 Red/Yellow red/yellow

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